EverQuest Roster - Installation Guide
Author: MichaŽl Schoonbrood
Date: September 14th 2004
Version: 2.1.0



Welcome to the installation guide for the EverQuest roster.
In this guide I will try and explain fully, all the steps you have to do to get the roster up and running on your site.



You will need the following to be able to run the roster:

- Copy of the EverQuest_Roster.zip containing all the PHP and HTML files.
- Webspace that supports PHP and MySQL

For the guild tool update to work as intended, you need to put the name of each characters main as the first word in the public note of the guild tool (You will need to be at least Officer to do this).
This is something we where already using in our guild, as it enables everyone in the guild to see who is all online (main's wise).

The roster and even the guild tool update WILL work without this, but you will have to manually assign characters to a user or manually set every characters NameMain field.



The following steps will set up your EverQuest roster website (database and site).
You will only have to perform these steps once.

If you have phpMyAdmin installed on your webserver, you can read the phpMyAdmin_guide.html instead which will explain step 2, 3 and 4 in full detail.

Step 1:
Create a folder called "eqroster" in the HTML root on your webserver. And upload all the files in this zip, to that newly created dir.

Step 2:
Login to your website, and create a new database called "EQRoster" (without the quotes).

Step 3:
Open the "create_eqroster_tables.txt" file, and run the MySQL-script that you see in there on your newly created "EQRoster" database on your server.

The easiest way to do this is by copy and pasting the full text in the file into an SQL-Command line editor on your server, and executing that command.

Step 4:
Create a database user, and call him "eqroster". You only need to give this user SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE rights on the "EQRoster" database.

Step 5:
Open an internet explorer and go to "www.???.com/eqroster" (replace the "???" by the name of you
r website). You should now see the EverQuest roster with no users in it.

If your server runs on a unix system, then it will be case censitive.
So always make sure that you use the exact same directory name / database name / username to prevent possible errors.



Administrators privileges enable a user to edit all the characters on the roster, plus update their guild status and NameMain. It also enables the GuildTool Update functionality, needed to import a guilddump into the roster (left most icon on footer).
You can make users Administrators by adding their names to the IsAdministrator() function in the config.php.

Locate the "<<InsertYourAdminUsernameHere>>" text and replace it with the name (first name only!) of the user you want to give Admin rights.

For example, to give user Michael Administrator rights, the line should look like this:
if( $strUserName == "Michael" )

And to give Michael, Aldin and Xentor Administrator right, the line should look like this:
if( ( $strUserName == "Michael" ) ||
    ( $strUserName == "Aldin" ) ||
    ( $strUserName == "Xentor" ) )


Guild Tool update

Every time you want to update the characters on the roster straight from the guild tool dump, you will need to perform the following 4 steps.

Step 1:
Boot up EverQuest. Open the guild tool (default: ALT-G) and click on the DUMP button.

Step 2:
Open an Internet Explorer and go to your roster. Log in (make sure that you have administrator rights) and click in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 3:
Click the "Browse" button and locate your EverQuest guild dump. The guild dump file is default saved to your EverQuest dir, and will be called <<GuildName_CurrentDate_SomeNr.txt>>. So if your guild is called "Epic Heroes", then the dump file (on June 15, 2004) will be called "Epic Heroes_20040615_######.txt" (not sure what the last nr is).
Select the file and then click the "Open" button.

Step 4:
Click the "Import" button to start the import. When done, scroll down the page, and click the link at the bottom to return to the roster.


Bugged characters on the Guild Tool

Unfortunately, it can occur that members will remain in your guild tool, even after they have left the guild. To be able to ignore these members, you can enter their names in the IsValidCharName() function in the config.php.

Locate the "<<BuggedCharName>>" text and replace it with the name (first name only!) of the user you want to ignore.

For example, if user Dirkos is bugged, the line should look like this:
( $strCharName == "Dirkos" ) )

And to ignore Dirkos, Floren and Caine, the line should look like this:
( $strUserName == "Dirkos" ) ||
( $strUserName == "Floren" ) ||
( $strUserName == "Caine" ) )


Webpage Title

To change the webpage title (the name that shows on your toolbar if you minimize the browser), open the index.html file and replace the "EverQuest Roster" text with the title you wish to use.


General info

For members to be able to edit their characters, they will need to create a User account. Important is that they use the firstname of their Main character as their UserName. (This firstname should also be the name that is shown as the first word in the public note in the guild tool).
If they don't do this, then you (the admin) will have to manually set the UserID of all the users characters to the UserID of his 'Users' account.

You are of course free to remove this functionality, and adjust the scripts to your personal liking :)


Hopefully everything works now... if not, feel free to contact me at EQRoster@GamePlayHeaven.com.



1.0.0 Mar-30-2004 Initial version.
1.0.1 Apr-13-2004 Added info on case sensitive names.
1.0.2 Apr-14-2004 Added link to phpMyAdmin Guide.
1.0.3 Apr-29-2004 Added Administrator section.
1.1.0 Jun-09-2004 Updated the Guild Tool Update section 
    Added the Bugged characters on the Guild Tool section
1.1.1 Jun-11-2004 The database_config.php has been renamed to config.php
2.1.0 Sep-14-2004 Added the now required DELETE rights