EverQuest Roster - phpMyAdmin Guide
Author: MichaŽl Schoonbrood
Date: September 14th 2004
Version: 2.1.0



Welcome to the phpMyAdmin guide for the EverQuest roster.
In this guide I will try and explain fully, all the steps you have to do to get the roster database and user up and running on your site, using phpMyAdmin.



You will need the following to be able to run the roster:

- Copy of the EverQuest_Roster.zip containing all the PHP and HTML files.
- Webspace that supports PHP and MySQL
- phpMyAdmin installed on your webserver (for this guide).


The following steps will set up your EverQuest roster database and user. These steps are a more detailed version of steps 2, 3 and 4 in the installation guide.
You will only have to perform these steps once.


Creating the Database & Tables

Step 1:
Log in to your phpMyAdmin control center. You will be greeted with the following screen:

Step 2:
Create a new database called "EQRoster" (without the quotes).
You can also use "GuildName_EQRoster", where GuildName is the name of your guild (without spaces). For example, our guild is called "Epic Heroes", so I created a database called "EpicHeroes_EQRoster".

If all goes well, you will see the following screen:

If you created a database with a name different from "EQRoster", you will have to open the "config.php", and locate the following line (default line 27):
$strDatabase = "EQRoster";

You will have to change the "EQRoster" in that line to the name of your database.
In our example using "EpicHeroes_EQRoster" as a database name, the line should be edited as follows:
$strDatabase = "EpicHeroes_EQRoster";

This name is case sensitive, so make sure you type the name with the exact same letters capitalized!

Step 3:
Click on the SQL tab, and you should see the following screen:

Step 4:
Open the create_eqroster_tables.txt file included within this zip, and copy&paste the entire content of the text file into the edit box under "Run SQL query/queries on database GuildName_EQRoster [Documentation]:"

Step 5:
Click the "Go" button at the bottom of the page. MySQL will now start creating all the tables, which will take a little while (maybe a minute or so).
When it's done, you will see the following screen:

Notice how all the tables are now listed in the left column.

The database and all it's tables are now ready. All we need is a user to access them.


Creating the User

In the top-left drop-down box (under the phpMyAdmin logo) select the "(Databases) ..." entry. This will show the first screen again (as shown in Step 1 of Creating the Database & Tables).

Step 1:
Click on "Privileges", and you will be taken to the next screen:

Step 2:
Click on "Add a new User", this will take you to the following screen:

Step 3:
In the edit field behind "User name: [Use text field:]" type: eqroster
In the "Host" drop-down box, select "Local".
In the "Password" drop-down box, select "No Password".

Click the "Go" button, which will take you to the next screen:

Step 4:
In the "Add privileges on the following database:" drop-down box, select the database you created in step 2 (default "EQRoster", unless you choose to use "GuildName_EQRoster" where GuildName was the name of you guild).
This will take you to the following screen:

Step 5:
Click the 4 checkboxes under data as shown in the previous image (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE), and click the "Go" button directly under them (the one with the blue highlight in the above image).



You have now succesfully set up your EQRoster database and a user to access that database. Make sure you upload all the content of the zip file into a folder on your webserver (read the Installation.html for more info on that), and you're ready to use the EverQuest Roster.

Hopefully everything works now... if not, feel free to contact me at EQRoster@GamePlayHeaven.com.




1.0.0 Apr-14-2004 Initial version.
1.0.1 Jun-11-2004 The database_config.php has been renamed to config.php
2.1.0 Sep-14-2004 Added the now required DELETE rights